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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Game (XBox 360) Review

18 May

Travellers Tales are back, once again fusing magic, wonder and bricks into a much-loved family franchise. Much like Batman, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Indiana Jones before it, it is now Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean that gets the block treatment. TakingĀ  you through all four movies with the exceptional charm and humour that is now expected of the franchise, Lego Pirates does well to stick out slightly more in a series that is starting to become pretty stagnant.

The first thing you are going to notice when you play Lego Pirates is the sheer production value of the games presentation, this game is pretty, charming and does everything to capture that ‘Disney Magic’ that the movie series is known for. The environments are pretty, with elements such as buildings, boats and creatures being built in Lego and other elements such as water having a more realistic visual effect. Hans Zimmer’s compositions for the movie franchise can be heard throughout and the voice acting for the characters themselves really adds a another level of detail.

The game has a weird obsession with fruit and veg, if something can be replaced with a carrot, bet your behind it will be replaced with a carrot.

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