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Ultimate Spider-Man battles with Ignorance.

10 Aug

After a long while of all Ultimate Spider-Man comics being branded with a  “The Death of Spider-Man” banner, in issue 160 we finally got to see how this mysterious enigma of  a storyline ended. SPOILERS Completely unknown to everyone reading the comic series at the time, with the previously stated huge, contrasting “The Death of Spider-Man” banners across the top, it came as a huge shocker when Spider-Man kicked the alternative universe bucket.

"Don't worry Aunt May, I'm sure Peter will be back in time for issue 200"

However rather than doing the typical stylings of the ‘Actual’ Marvel universe, Earth-616,  in which the killing of a character is generally a temporary measure to create the closure of a poorly selling series, Ultimate Spider-Man is marching forward, leaving Peter Parker’s cold corpse behind, and relaunching with a new series in September with a brand new Spider-Man.
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Marvel movies that we want Pixar to make.

19 Jul

Since Disney bought out Marvel and Pixar some time ago, the colossal fanboy in me has been dying for some sort of announcement of these two behemoths of popular entertainment doing a team up project of visual spectacle. But alas, every word of Pixar studios picking up a spandex wearing superhero movie has been down played, Pixar have gone on record to say that “they’ve done superheroes” and have not got any Marvel character projects in the works. So things look grim on the superhero front. But this doesn’t stop the want for a Marvel/Pixar combo at all, if anything it makes me want it even more, because I am fundamentally a child, and I want what I can’t have. (I also tend to want something if it’s mine anyways, I haven’t played with it for a while and then you, of all people, show interest in it, then I want it again, that’s just how I roll)

So after much thought I created a set of guidelines to think of even remotely possible projects. This way all my picks don’t sound like complete random fanboy-ism and it has structure, it also makes me feel a bit better about myself, but that’s not the point.


The rules are pretty simple and state:

  • A movie cannot be made if the character’s licence belongs to a production company that is not Disney. (So Spidey, X-Men and The Fantastic Four are out the hypothetical window)
  • As Pixar are, at heart, a family friendly studio, movies with content that would require anything more than a 12A (PG13) won’t happen. (So no Punisher or Moon Knight then)

Them the rules, nothing too restrictive and easy to work around. Let’s get to the picks.

Doctor Strange

As of yet, Pixar has yet to focus the main theme of its movies on magic and what better introduction to a mainstream audience could the very own Sorcerer Supreme receive. Starting with his origin and the car crash, that would probably be changed for a Disney audience, but then to have Strange search for his mentor, the Ancient One, in the Himalayas, his training and eventual understanding of the mystic arts. Build it up to the final battle with the Lord of the Dark Dimension Dormammu and you have a movie, one that stands up to the live action universe and offers something not yet seen. Every step stands to have an excellent story telling and visual premise that’s on a huge scale.  As story goes, Doctor Strange is very Pixar, a story about a once selfish man, not caring for anyone but himself, having everything taken away from him, being re-built as a decent person and then into a hero.

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Let’s talk about…the DC reboot.

23 Jun

Come September, DC Comics will press the restart button on the entire DC universe. With the conclusion of Flashpoint, DC will start anew with fifty-two, yes fifty-two, brand new series all starting at issue one and going day and date digital release. Obviously news like this tends to cause a little bit of backlash, so here at Alternative Spotlight we decided to not take to the forums and burn them all down with our flaming fanboy rage, we thought Adam and Simon would have a gentlemanly discussion instead.

But first, let’s see what we are dealing with.


Currently reading (comic book wise) – Oddly nothing current. Working through some things I’ve missed over the years. Currently reading the reimagining of Neil Gaiman’s ‘Neverwhere’.
Favourite Series – Preacher. Always and forever. The best comic series that was ever written (and mostly likely ever will be!)
Writer that can do no wrong – Neil Gaiman


Currently reading (comic book wise) – I’m a little bit of a Marvel zombie. The current most notable titles I’m reading right now are Amazing Spider-Man, all the Avengers titles, Avengers Academy, Uncanny X-Force, Deadpool and Uncanny X-Men.
Favourite Series – I am loving Avengers Academy and Uncanny X-Force at the moment but will always go with Amazing Spider-Man.
Writer that can do no wrong – I’m going to be cheap and go with three: Matt Fraction, Christos Gage and Rick Remender.

1. What do you think of the DC reboot at a consumer level?

Simon: On a consumer level it’s obviously going to split people down the middle. I was a MASSIVE fan of Marvel’s ‘reboot’ (though it wasn’t an entire one). The Ultimate comics were an opportunity for me to throw myself into a universe where I knew EVERYTHING that was going on, and that’s a nice feeling. I hope to get the same buzz from the DC reboot. The DC universe has so much history and mythology behind it. Sometimes it can get confusing. This is an obvious way to solve that issue and make the whole lot accessible again. However… 52 titles?!?! What the hell?!?! That’s way too many. They’re trying to solve one issue and failing miserably. Within months, the DC universe is going to be as confusing as it ever was, no-one is going to be able to afford/have the time to keep up with every series, and there will always be crossovers that make you go ‘Huh? Who the hell is that?!’ They should have done what Marvel did and kept it simple. The main characters get their own series (Supes, Wonderwoman, Batman) and done a Justice League one to start. That REALLY would have made the new universe accessible. Then as time went on, GL and co could get their own issues. It’s going to get confusing, and there seems to be an ongoing thing with big events in comics at the moment in that they never stick to their guns. They kill someone off, they always come back, something big happens that changes everything, and they do something to reverse it all. My money? I wouldn’t be surprised if in 12 months time, everything’s gone back to exactly how it was, or at least, we’ll find out that there’s still the original earth floating out there somewhere…
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5 reasons you should be reading Avengers Academy

30 May

Since it debuted in June 2010 one book has received my praise constantly. Avengers Academy is the story of the ongoing  battle to turn six kids with superhero abilities, who were manipulated by Norman Osborn during his stint as head of H.A.M.M.E.R, into the next Captain Americas and not the next Red Skulls. Since issue one, the tales of this group of dysfunctional super teens have grabbed my interest and have had no intent of letting go. I present to you 5 reasons why you should be reading Avengers Academy.

5. Lack of confusing continuity.

The number one problem with recommending superhero comics to new readers is that nearly all books are wrapped up in long, convoluted story lines that date back years if not decades. Avengers Academy starts off as fresh as a Marvel comic book could be these days. Here it starts off with six brand new characters placed in the newly created academy built by Hank Pym. The book itself does pick up the space left by Avengers: The Initiative and the last few arcs featuring the international team in The Mighty Avengers  continuing the development of characters like Hank Pym and Tigra, but rarely recalls any events happening in previous series to the point where a new reader would be totally lost.

This was one really strange episode of "Saved by the Bell"

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