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Nerdy Noms Part 1 – Batman Cupcakes

11 Nov

I like junk food. I particularly like junk food that comes to me in a packet that I can rip open and stick my face in. I’m lazy with cooking. If it’s not essential, I’m not cooking it. I would live off Coco Pops and Marmite on toast if I could. So what the devil am I doing in the kitchen making cupcakes? I have no idea. It could be something to do with the Ace of Cakes binge I’ve been on, sitting in front of the telly for months on end drooling at the sight of cakes that look like ships and castles and hamburgers and WHAT THE CRAP THERE’S FIRE COMING OUT OF THAT CAKE. Or perhaps it’s something to do with wanting to be a mad scientist, and not being allowed anywhere near real chemicals. So I’m baking. And I’m starting with my one true love… Batman. LET’S MAKE BAT CAKES.

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Doctor Who and the Mystery of Amelia Pond

2 Jun

Geeks are an impatient lot. We spend our time desperately willing time to speed up so that we can enjoy the next installment of whichever franchise has tickled our fancy that week, and the past few days has been no exception to that. Last Saturday saw BBC1 air an episode of Doctor Who with one of the biggest cliff-hangers the series has ever seen.

For those who don’t know (and needless to say, spoiler alert!), the Doctor’s companion, Amelia Pond was revealed as being a ‘ganger’. A flesh duplicate of the original person, normally controlled remotely by that individual. In Amelia’s case, she is currently being held in some form of hospital, pregnant. And she’s about to give birth. The Doctor vaporizes her ganger, and we’re left wondering when on earth (and in space!) the switch was made.

So, a few theories. Not because I necessarily think they’re correct, but because it’s impossible to resist speculation. Needless to say, there are people out there in the wealth of the internet who have beaten me to this article, credit shall be given where due!
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1 May

Greetings friends,

My name is Adam and welcome to the Alternative Spotlight.

My idea for a community driven blog about all the geekier aspects of life starts here.

With this feed I hope for people to come forward and write reviews/features/articles on aspects such as:

*T.V Shows

* Video Games


*Books and Comic Books



To submit any written content, send the plain text version of your article to once looked over and OK’d, I will post it on here, if you wish to add images/movies just send over the HTML version and I will post it here.

I am using this as an outlet to practice my review/article writing style and hope you join me, if you wish to ‘pimp’ any other projects, web pages, podcasts etc, just put them at the bottom of your submission and I will post them.

Also, you can follow Alternative Spotlight on Twitter at @Alt_Spotlight and myself at @ObviousPrime. A Facebook page will be created once enough content is posted.

Please email any feedback, ideas or general thoughts to