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The Downside of Downloadable Content

13 Jun

If you were to ask me what I think is the biggest leap, in terms of technology in the current generation of video games consoles, I would have to say “downloadable content.” The idea of being able to extend, refresh a game or even download a full game itself ten years ago would have had console developers dropping their light guns in shock before calling you a devil and having you exorcised.

And yet here we are, in a world where if a video game doesn’t have that little bit of DLC we declare the developers of being lazy and unsupportive. We as gamers are greedy; always wanting more until we become so sick of  over saturation we push it away and say “No more!” But are we being too harsh? Or are we actually playing into these companies’ clever little games? There is a far deeper side to downloadable content than getting that extra weapon skin for your favourite shooter, or adding a four/five hour quest to the latest action game than meets the eye.

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