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T-Shirt Spotlight – 08/06/11

19 Jun

I may not be the most fashionable cat around but I do know one thing, if a t-shirt rocks or not.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you today’s t-shirt spotlight…

Courtesy of SP:UK

Words cannot describe how amazing this design is. Sorry.

Cost: £24.99

Purchase: Here

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Alternative Cuts – The Residents – ‘Constantinople’

8 Jun

Alternative Cuts continues its regular series of postings presenting interesting, quirky, cool music videos or other viral happenings, if we think it fits what we’re trying to do here at Alternative Spotlight.

After the last Alternative Cuts I thought I would have some issues finding something that could “up the ante” so to speak. Within ten minutes of searching on YouTube I stumbled upon this little gem called Constantinople from an avant-garde band The Residents.

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Enough With Saul Bass Already?

3 May

In the design world a debate rages. And it’s summed up quite well by the intro to this tumblr:

Great, You Made a Saul Bass Inspired Poster

Let me guess, you have a ‘project’ where you make ‘Saul Bass inspired’ or otherwise ‘retro minimalist’ movie posters for a recently hyped or classic movie, which you want to sell on your Etsy account despite having absolutely no licensing rights, as hopeful promotion for your fledgling ‘design business’ you run from your dorm room. You and everyone else, buddy.

Well, actually, I don’t. But I know that plenty of people do. In fact I’m nothing but an interloper in the design world and this argument in general, but I think it’s worthy of throwing a spotlight on however briefly, but we’re going to have to start at the top. So …

Who the fuck is Saul Bass?

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