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Alternative Cuts – Menomena – “Evil Bee”

19 Jul

This is a video that I love so very much and one that really speaks for itself.

Menomena are one of a billion indie bands out of Portland, Oregon, and whilst I never got on with all their music, this is just a perfect mix of sound and vision. Over the past 3 or so years I’ve found myself coming back to it time and time and time again. I’ve searched high and low for a true HD version of it but to no avail, so sadly this is the best we have for now.

If you know me then I’ve either spammed this video to you on blogs or IM or email or one social networking site or another, or I’ve made you put it on at that perfect time of the night.

Menomena – Evil Bee. It’s a keeper.

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Alternative Cuts – Bad Lamps – ‘Never Know the Difference’

31 May

Alternative Cuts will be a hopefully regular series of postings presenting interesting, quirky, cool music videos or other viral shit if we think it fits what we’re trying to do here at Alternative Spotlight.

I’m struggling to put into words exactly what it is about this fan-made video that I seem to love so much, because all it really is is a montage of the clean bits of some past and present porn films set to a lovely little summery piece of indie. Whatever it is, it’s clear I’m not the only loving it one as the video has clocked up over 600k hits since appearing on Youtube less than a week ago.

Perhaps I could write something about how the music seems to subvert the meaning of these snippets of video. Or perhaps I could write something about the opposite, and it’s actually the meaning of the music that’s altered by the juxtaposition with the choice of imagery. And perhaps even there’s a broader point to make there about context, interpretation and perception of different ‘art’ in different circumstances.

But that would be to do it a disservice, I reckon, because there’s something beautiful in the abstract here that needn’t be pinned down by words. Sometimes simple enjoyment can be simple enjoyment. So, that said, enjoy a wonderful video that is peculiarly poignant somehow.

Bad Lamps’ Soultronic EP available here on Bandcamp
Bad Lamps on the F-book.

Von Trier’s Real Mistake? Not Being Funny.

20 May

Oh, Lars. You’ve really done it this time. But hey, at least you don’t have to worry about not being around to collect the Palme d’Or though, because from what I hear ‘Melancholia’ wasn’t going to win it anyway. Even before this little episode.

It’s hardly extraordinary that a filmmaker who appears to have grown increasingly obedient to his own ego over recent years has detached himself so far from reality that he’s making badly delivered tongue-in-cheek jokes about being a Nazi at the world’s flagship film festival on a panel discussing one of the most anticipated films of the year.  However I do have to admit being a little surprised by the Cannes Festival directors stamping him ‘persona non grata’ and unceremoniously booting him from the Festival in the manner they have.

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Album Review – Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – “Rome”

13 May

Ever since a friend played me a bootleg of Danger Mouse’s Grey Album back in 2005-ish I’ve been fascinated (and at times completely besotted) with the music that this guy churns out and the projects that he’s involved with. From his work with Gorillaz and Gnarls Barkley to the incomparable Dark Night of the Soul Sparklehorse/David Lynch ensemble piece, he has never failed to deliver. Even when I heard he was working with U2 it didn’t dampen my enthusiasm, and I hate U2. Really hate them.

So what do we have here?

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Enough With Saul Bass Already?

3 May

In the design world a debate rages. And it’s summed up quite well by the intro to this tumblr:

Great, You Made a Saul Bass Inspired Poster

Let me guess, you have a ‘project’ where you make ‘Saul Bass inspired’ or otherwise ‘retro minimalist’ movie posters for a recently hyped or classic movie, which you want to sell on your Etsy account despite having absolutely no licensing rights, as hopeful promotion for your fledgling ‘design business’ you run from your dorm room. You and everyone else, buddy.

Well, actually, I don’t. But I know that plenty of people do. In fact I’m nothing but an interloper in the design world and this argument in general, but I think it’s worthy of throwing a spotlight on however briefly, but we’re going to have to start at the top. So …

Who the fuck is Saul Bass?

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