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Nerdy Noms Part 1 – Batman Cupcakes

11 Nov

I like junk food. I particularly like junk food that comes to me in a packet that I can rip open and stick my face in. I’m lazy with cooking. If it’s not essential, I’m not cooking it. I would live off Coco Pops and Marmite on toast if I could. So what the devil am I doing in the kitchen making cupcakes? I have no idea. It could be something to do with the Ace of Cakes binge I’ve been on, sitting in front of the telly for months on end drooling at the sight of cakes that look like ships and castles and hamburgers and WHAT THE CRAP THERE’S FIRE COMING OUT OF THAT CAKE. Or perhaps it’s something to do with wanting to be a mad scientist, and not being allowed anywhere near real chemicals. So I’m baking. And I’m starting with my one true love… Batman. LET’S MAKE BAT CAKES.

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