Ultimate Spider-Man battles with Ignorance.

10 Aug

After a long while of all Ultimate Spider-Man comics being branded with a  “The Death of Spider-Man” banner, in issue 160 we finally got to see how this mysterious enigma of  a storyline ended. SPOILERS Completely unknown to everyone reading the comic series at the time, with the previously stated huge, contrasting “The Death of Spider-Man” banners across the top, it came as a huge shocker when Spider-Man kicked the alternative universe bucket.

"Don't worry Aunt May, I'm sure Peter will be back in time for issue 200"

However rather than doing the typical stylings of the ‘Actual’ Marvel universe, Earth-616,  in which the killing of a character is generally a temporary measure to create the closure of a poorly selling series, Ultimate Spider-Man is marching forward, leaving Peter Parker’s cold corpse behind, and relaunching with a new series in September with a brand new Spider-Man.

The new Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe is a half-black, half-Hispanic teen named Miles Morales, and the comic book reading community jumps back about 60 years in racial tolerance.

The internet went slightly crazy, with forums and boards buzzing with outrage. Phrases such as “I’m not racist but…” were used to cover blatant racism and fooled nobody. Hell, even Glenn Beck decided he needed to throw in his two cents, which shows he has clearly never read a comic book in his life or done any research of the topic before talking about it, as shown in the video of this link.

Now we all know Glenn Beck is a flag waving, apple pie eating, ignorant idiot who would use any piece of news to create sensationalism but I have no issue with a black Spider-Man. Why?

Because Black Spider-Man can do anything White Spider-Man can.

Why in a world of super humans, mutants and weekly alien invasions is a mixed race Spider-Man deemed outrageous and wrong?

Why does a large population of the comic book reading community complain that something feels stale and when a creator, even one such as Bendis who has a pretty decent track record, decides to mix things up, every nerd, geek and comic book reader decide to throw their toys out of the pram? Change is apart of life, you dorks! (Love you really!)

If you want to read stories about Peter Parker, you’ve got him in 616, and the previous Ultimate stories are still there for you to enjoy, nobody is taking those away from you.

As much as I am invested into the character of Peter Parker, whatever the universe, a change was needed.  We were getting to a point where the two commercial universes were too similar, heroes had different origins, yes, but this change has a significant impact on the universes’ storytelling.

I don’t see what the big deal about changing his skin colour is.  It would make no difference if you changed his skin colour, creed or sexuality – as long as the character’s ideologies are the same he’s still Spider-Man, he’s still that icon.

And for the love of Odin, if you’re screaming to the heavens that this is an “outrage” as I always say “vote with your wallet.” If you don’t agree with a product, don’t buy it.  There is no point in moaning on the internet that you don’t like the way a product is being made and then buy the product you supposedly hate, it’s counter productive.  If you continue to buy the product regardless, the maker will just make more.

So what do you think? Are you going to stop buying Ultimate Spider-Man? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.
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