Marvel movies that we want Pixar to make.

19 Jul

Since Disney bought out Marvel and Pixar some time ago, the colossal fanboy in me has been dying for some sort of announcement of these two behemoths of popular entertainment doing a team up project of visual spectacle. But alas, every word of Pixar studios picking up a spandex wearing superhero movie has been down played, Pixar have gone on record to say that “they’ve done superheroes” and have not got any Marvel character projects in the works. So things look grim on the superhero front. But this doesn’t stop the want for a Marvel/Pixar combo at all, if anything it makes me want it even more, because I am fundamentally a child, and I want what I can’t have. (I also tend to want something if it’s mine anyways, I haven’t played with it for a while and then you, of all people, show interest in it, then I want it again, that’s just how I roll)

So after much thought I created a set of guidelines to think of even remotely possible projects. This way all my picks don’t sound like complete random fanboy-ism and it has structure, it also makes me feel a bit better about myself, but that’s not the point.


The rules are pretty simple and state:

  • A movie cannot be made if the character’s licence belongs to a production company that is not Disney. (So Spidey, X-Men and The Fantastic Four are out the hypothetical window)
  • As Pixar are, at heart, a family friendly studio, movies with content that would require anything more than a 12A (PG13) won’t happen. (So no Punisher or Moon Knight then)

Them the rules, nothing too restrictive and easy to work around. Let’s get to the picks.

Doctor Strange

As of yet, Pixar has yet to focus the main theme of its movies on magic and what better introduction to a mainstream audience could the very own Sorcerer Supreme receive. Starting with his origin and the car crash, that would probably be changed for a Disney audience, but then to have Strange search for his mentor, the Ancient One, in the Himalayas, his training and eventual understanding of the mystic arts. Build it up to the final battle with the Lord of the Dark Dimension Dormammu and you have a movie, one that stands up to the live action universe and offers something not yet seen. Every step stands to have an excellent story telling and visual premise that’s on a huge scale.  As story goes, Doctor Strange is very Pixar, a story about a once selfish man, not caring for anyone but himself, having everything taken away from him, being re-built as a decent person and then into a hero.

Iron Fist

Let Dreamworks have their Kung Fu Pandas, Marvel has its own martial arts expert at hand, one that with a few changes is a perfect movie for Pixar to produce. A story about a young Daniel Rand in NYC, having everything given to him by his wealthy father to having his family and loved ones taken away from him by a murder covered up as an accident on an expedition to the city of K’un-L’un, which Danny’s father had found as a child. A plot in which the protagonist trains in the ways of the martial arts to get vengeance for his father’s death and the falls into the role of a hero, screams Disney magic. A movie which would have martial art actions scenes, dragons, New York City, mystical cities and cameos by the likes of “Powerman” Luke Cage and Misty Knight? One question. Where do I sign up?

Avengers Academy/Young Allies/Youth in Revolt

My insane love affair with Avengers Academy continues! But why not have a movie focused on the younger heroes? As the class seems a little small, add the characters from Paul Tobin’s Young Allies to the mix to create a more diverse cast. The character list in these two books adds up to a story which can be funny, full of action, have a message (most likely the “you’re not broken and you’re not alone” vibe) and will appeal to kids. Focus on one or two origins of the kids to add some but not too much back story and probably have Reptil be your narrator to keep things flowing. Keep most of the movie set in the school, focus on the character development and the lessons they are learning, with their final test at the climax. Have some interaction from the teachers, but the kids should steal the show, and leave the whole Penance self harming part out, that would just get everyone down.

Now I know I made the rules up, and listen, rules should be stuck to. That’s a lesson we teach here at Alternative Spotlight. But I just want to break the rules for a split second and have a bit of inane nerd speculation that means nothing.

Could you imagine if Pixar went balls out and made…

I know this violates EVERYTHING Disney/Pixar are about. But man, if we got an accurate re-telling of the Marvel Zombies story in glorious Pixar quality CGI, I would find the people responsible and kill them just so the equilibrium in Hollywood is maintained. A Marvel Zombies movie is probably the last thing that would ever happen. But a geek can dream right?

What Marvel movies would you love to see Pixar make?

How are my choices? Wrong? Right? Comment below.

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