Alternative Cuts – The Residents – ‘Constantinople’

8 Jun

Alternative Cuts continues its regular series of postings presenting interesting, quirky, cool music videos or other viral happenings, if we think it fits what we’re trying to do here at Alternative Spotlight.

After the last Alternative Cuts I thought I would have some issues finding something that could “up the ante” so to speak. Within ten minutes of searching on YouTube I stumbled upon this little gem called Constantinople from an avant-garde band The Residents.

I’m struggling to understand exactly whats going on here, from what my brain seems to gather the unhappy talking head is being chased by dapper eyeballs as an obese, naked, bald man falls to Earth resulting in its shocking conclusion.

This video is purely bizarre and one of the strangest things I’ve seen on the Internet, the music is unnerving with an awkward beat and just creates an experience that is unsettling and somewhat disturbing.

Yeah, you won’t forget this one anytime soon.

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