Doctor Who and the Mystery of Amelia Pond

2 Jun

Geeks are an impatient lot. We spend our time desperately willing time to speed up so that we can enjoy the next installment of whichever franchise has tickled our fancy that week, and the past few days has been no exception to that. Last Saturday saw BBC1 air an episode of Doctor Who with one of the biggest cliff-hangers the series has ever seen.

For those who don’t know (and needless to say, spoiler alert!), the Doctor’s companion, Amelia Pond was revealed as being a ‘ganger’. A flesh duplicate of the original person, normally controlled remotely by that individual. In Amelia’s case, she is currently being held in some form of hospital, pregnant. And she’s about to give birth. The Doctor vaporizes her ganger, and we’re left wondering when on earth (and in space!) the switch was made.

So, a few theories. Not because I necessarily think they’re correct, but because it’s impossible to resist speculation. Needless to say, there are people out there in the wealth of the internet who have beaten me to this article, credit shall be given where due!

The most common theory seems to be that Amelia was switched during the first two episodes of the current series (6). A logical theory, but one that I feel is somewhat flawed. Amelia would surely have had to have been switched before the start of episode 2, seeing as that was three months later and there was a severe lack of a baby bump. Also, doesn’t she see the lady looking through the hole in a wall during episode 1? (Can someone confirm that for me please?) If she does that makes it certain that she was swapped before the start of that adventure, meaning we have to look back at season 5.

Doctor Who is famed for planning ahead. All through Tennant’s run, we saw and heard references to things that wouldn’t be revealed until some time later, often entire seasons later. Could this whole affair have been planned right from the start of Matt’s turn as The Doctor? On Den of Geek, is sensibly pointed out that things are looking amiss even in Amelia’s first episode. There are symbols on the lawn of her house, and her house has a mysterious third story. Stairs on the inside leading to a third floor, but only two floors from the outside. Prisoner Zero, who has been watching Amelia for years, warns The Doctor of the silence. The Doctor also mentions seeing ‘things out of the corner of your eye’. He was referring to Prisoner Zero. Or was he?

Having written all of that down, it really does seem to me that Amelia was switched in that first episode, potentially even before The Doctor returned. Another thing that backs this up, for me at least, is something that I’ve been hinting at through this entire article. Her name is Amelia Pond. Why did she change her name to Amy? Maybe, subconsciously, she knew something wasn’t quite right with her own identity…

Another theory of mine is that the switch happened during ‘The Lodger’. The episode featuring James Corden. The space-ship that they find on the top floor of his house, is the same ship that they encounter during The Silence episodes at the start of season 6. I also seem to remember reading that James Corden will also be appearing in season 6. Maybe there’s something in this, but personally I like my original theory.

There are many other things to get excited about with Saturday’s impending episode. For those who can’t wait, there’s a trailer to wet your appetite . It seems we’re going to find out the secret behind River Song (and then hopefully never see her again, though that’s just a person wish…), fingers crossed we find out when Amelia was switched, and maybe we find out a little more about the nature of Rory, seeing as he is inexplicably once again in his Roman costume. There’s also a figure running with a gun in a long trench coat. A certain Jack Harkness maybe, or is that wishful thinking? Or possibly Canton returning to help?

Well, I think time will tell. Once two days until the episode is aired, and why do I get the feeling that we’re going to be left with more questions than answers after viewing? This is the last episode for a couple of months, and there are just too many loose-ends to be tied up. When was Amelia switched? How will the Doctor save himself (now that he know he dies, thanks to Amelia telling him last episode)? What did The Doctor’s ganger mean by ‘Push, but only when she tells you’? And who the hell is River Song?

But more importantly, there’s strong rumors that David Tennant and Peter Davison will be appearing in the final episode on season 6. Hell. Yes.


3 Responses to “Doctor Who and the Mystery of Amelia Pond”

  1. Kirjava June 2, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    She sees Eyepatch Lady for the first time in episode 2 when she and Canton are in the orphanage, so she’s definitely switched before then.

  2. simonlee827 June 2, 2011 at 3:01 pm #

    Well there you go, thank you Kirjava. Though I still think the switch happened during season 5!


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