Deadpool #36 Review

8 May

With Deadpool going from three monthly ongoing titles to just the one. The single series steps up, Deadpool 36 brings everyone’s favourite crimson comedian back to planet Earth to catch up with a few old friends.

Being a pretty massive Deadpool fan, I love nothing more than when the series drops all the shallow gimmicks, and focuses on one of the reasons I love this book. And that is Deadpool’s unstable relationships with everyone he has ever crossed paths with. Deadpool being in space, for the last few issues, was cool and it had its moments, but it had the character interacting with a cast who I just didn’t care about, and that’s not because they were aliens, because that would be racist. Racist on an intergalactic level.

Deadpool is his funniest when he is being a jerk to characters that we know and have invested in other the years and after quite a long hiatus, Deadpool goes back to its roots.

In the last issue, we saw Deadpool give up on his attempts to be official space bounty hunter a-number one! After destroying the previous title holder, Macho Gomez, taking Macho’s spaceship, flying it into space, taking Macho’s job, marrying his chunky space wife and killing a planet. Deadpool realised that space is boring and set a course for planet Earth.

Deadpool on his way back to Earth decides that he is tired of being the bad guy, and even tired of trying to be the good guy so decided that everyone should just love him for being himself. After an inner conflict stating that no one loves him, Deadpool has thought enough and decides to prove to himself that there are plenty of people who adore his horribly scarred behind.

He does this by crashing his ship into Hydra Bob’s garage and cooks Bob’s ‘World’s largest popcorn kernel’. After Deadpool asks Bob if he loves him, whilst threatening Bob with a knife, Bob explains that no one he knows loves him, in fact they are actually looking to kill him.

The banter between Deadpool and Bob is something I’ve missed for a really long time, Bob cares for Deadpool and because of this never catches a break, mainly due to Deadpool treating him like crap, but Bob sticks around nevertheless and creates some very entertaining dialogue. I can only hope that this isn’t a one-off and we see Bob more in the future of this book.

After Bob tells Deadpool that his old friends, Taskmaster, Big Bertha, Weasel, Sluggo and Blind Al are looking to kill him, we get a little back story into how Macho Gomez recruited everyone using Weasel, who Deadpool locked away since the whole Vegas saga. Once Deadpool clocks on that Bob actually declined Macho’s offer but instead agreed to text them when Deadpool arrived, we get right into the action.

Kick butt first, think later.

What happens next is an awesome fight scene which has a great pace and is drawn exceptionally. The fight has the right level of humour, banter and hard-hitting action. And we see Deadpool using his combat genius, once again evening out the odds that are stacked up against him.

Just thinking about how well this book is composed makes my head hurt, Daniel Way’s pacing is flawless, Sheldon Vella’s art fits this book so well, the colour pallet Nick Filardi has used compliments the art style of Vella and the sheer amount of work Joe Sabino would have to do lettering a comic like this just boggles my mind.

After the fight Deadpool is surrounded by his combatants and gunned down, we then see what seems to be the return of Deadpool-o-vision, but this time it seems to be darker and deeper then the funny, crazy visions Way used before.

Straight after that page the book turns perfectly into a deeper look into Deadpool’s psyche. Deadpool wakes up, greeted by Bob, and realises that it is insane to want to die just because he can’t, furthermore he wants his friends to kill him. Because if dying is what he wants, who care about will want to kill him. Crazy huh?

Hydra Bob: Loving, but not trustworthy...or bullet proof.

As I stated before this is a brilliantly constructed issue and I really hope this is a sign of things to come in all things Deadpool.

The dialogue and the humor has stepped up in the last few issues and even more in this one. It was awesome to see Wade interact with people from his past, and the last few pages of the book was an awesome change of pace, even keeping some of that Deadpool humor.

As a huge fan of this book and Way’s writing, this issue brought a smile to my face and I am sure that will be the case, for as long as Way is partnered with the ‘Merc with a Mouth’

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