Uncanny X-Men 534.1 Review

3 May

The team behind Uncanny X-men 534.1 create an enjoyable story for everyone to experience and finally create a .1 issue that means something.

With Marvel advertising their ‘.1’ campaign as a starting point for new readers to jump on to key titles such as Amazing Spider-Man, Invincible Ironman and even newer titles such as Secret Avengers, the .1 issues I have read to date have all been more of glorified one shots, explaining very little of past events, giving nearly no branching storyline to the main cannon and being mere throw away experiences.

I have always stayed away from most X-Men books, with the exception of the new X-Men title and Uncanny X-Force, as I have always seen the X-Men as kind of a separate universe. Barring Wolverine being on nearly every super team possible, the main Marvel universe storylines to date have had very little interaction from the X-Men since they set up shop on Utopia in San Fransisco, the mutant sanctuary island. The other reason I have always struggled to get into X-men is I’ve always found it to be quite an intimidating series to just jump into, with countless numbers of X books and a cannon, which to a new reader is quite convoluted and complex, it’s not your typical Avengers or Spidey book that you can just start from anywhere and enjoy the ride.

However even with saying that, Uncanny X-Men 534.1 is a perfect starting point for current readers and readers like me, who for many will be their first ever issue of Uncanny.

With Matt Fraction leaving full writing duties on Uncanny in the hands of Kieron Gillen this issue sees two weaving storylines throughout, the first being Magneto receiving the PR treatment, from a superhuman PR specialist and photographer, as it is about to go public that one of the worlds most notorious supervillans is currently in San Fransisco as a member of the X-Men, with the second being the team hunting down a reported terrorist attack by A.I.M that is going to send earthquakes that will destroy San Fransisco.

The whole idea of trying to ‘rebrand’ Magneto is well written and sees some interesting dialogue throughout the entire issue. Magneto is shown as a man who is perfectly fine with the entire world being petrified of him, as fear is power, and has trouble accepting that there are actually nice people in the world. The constant back and fourth between Magneto and the PR specialist, Kate Kildare, is both amusing and an incredible insight into how this villain turned hero actually feels.

Magneto is worse than any Diva.

The storyline of the team taking out the A.I.M threat has some great action sequences and possibly my favourite Namor line ever, but is mainly just a lead up to the blockbuster ending of the issue. It’s a great use of  the team in which mainly is a Magneto focused issue and every member has their moment in the spotlight, at no point do any of the characters feel forced or unnatural.

Namor implying when he does his thing, we ALL feel it...awkard.

The artwork throughout this issue is fantastic and keeps the high standard going through the entire issue. Pacheco, Smith and D’Armata really brought their A-game to this one and it shows.

All that is left to say is the issue ends with what will be an event talked about for issues to come and is sure to shake, excuse the pun, things up in the X-Men cannon.

As a new reader, I cannot wait to see what is in store for the X universe and how the current creative team deliver. I’m hooked already and will be sure to add this to my already massive list of weekly books.
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One Response to “Uncanny X-Men 534.1 Review”

  1. Jay Cowle May 3, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    I think I’ll try and get this. Read lots of new gen X-Men books, but then left it and have become confused with the mass of X stuff available. Still stick to the Indies more though. My friend Mark lent me The Boys and I am in love. Great blog, More!

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