1 May

Greetings friends,

My name is Adam and welcome to the Alternative Spotlight.

My idea for a community driven blog about all the geekier aspects of life starts here.

With this feed I hope for people to come forward and write reviews/features/articles on aspects such as:

*T.V Shows

* Video Games


*Books and Comic Books



To submit any written content, send the plain text version of your article to once looked over and OK’d, I will post it on here, if you wish to add images/movies just send over the HTML version and I will post it here.

I am using this as an outlet to practice my review/article writing style and hope you join me, if you wish to ‘pimp’ any other projects, web pages, podcasts etc, just put them at the bottom of your submission and I will post them.

Also, you can follow Alternative Spotlight on Twitter at @Alt_Spotlight and myself at @ObviousPrime. A Facebook page will be created once enough content is posted.

Please email any feedback, ideas or general thoughts to



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