Nerdy Noms Part 1 – Batman Cupcakes

11 Nov

I like junk food. I particularly like junk food that comes to me in a packet that I can rip open and stick my face in. I’m lazy with cooking. If it’s not essential, I’m not cooking it. I would live off Coco Pops and Marmite on toast if I could. So what the devil am I doing in the kitchen making cupcakes? I have no idea. It could be something to do with the Ace of Cakes binge I’ve been on, sitting in front of the telly for months on end drooling at the sight of cakes that look like ships and castles and hamburgers and WHAT THE CRAP THERE’S FIRE COMING OUT OF THAT CAKE. Or perhaps it’s something to do with wanting to be a mad scientist, and not being allowed anywhere near real chemicals. So I’m baking. And I’m starting with my one true love… Batman. LET’S MAKE BAT CAKES.

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Alternative Cuts – Danny Wiessner – The World is Saved.

10 Aug

The World is Saved is the new epic song and anthem for video game fans. This collaborative effort from IGN’s Podcast Beyond community came about when IGN’s own Ryan Clements pulled together a small team of volunteers to animate a video to go along with Danny Wiessner’s latest single for Podcast Beyond Episode 200 in which the video made it’s debut.

The song tells the journey of gaming and everything that goes along with it, that can be summed up with the awesome line:

At the end of it all
gamers play what we play
not for GAME OVER
but rather for what we take away!

The World is Saved single is available for purchase on iTunes.


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Ultimate Spider-Man battles with Ignorance.

10 Aug

After a long while of all Ultimate Spider-Man comics being branded with a  “The Death of Spider-Man” banner, in issue 160 we finally got to see how this mysterious enigma of  a storyline ended. SPOILERS Completely unknown to everyone reading the comic series at the time, with the previously stated huge, contrasting “The Death of Spider-Man” banners across the top, it came as a huge shocker when Spider-Man kicked the alternative universe bucket.

"Don't worry Aunt May, I'm sure Peter will be back in time for issue 200"

However rather than doing the typical stylings of the ‘Actual’ Marvel universe, Earth-616,  in which the killing of a character is generally a temporary measure to create the closure of a poorly selling series, Ultimate Spider-Man is marching forward, leaving Peter Parker’s cold corpse behind, and relaunching with a new series in September with a brand new Spider-Man.
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Marvel movies that we want Pixar to make.

19 Jul

Since Disney bought out Marvel and Pixar some time ago, the colossal fanboy in me has been dying for some sort of announcement of these two behemoths of popular entertainment doing a team up project of visual spectacle. But alas, every word of Pixar studios picking up a spandex wearing superhero movie has been down played, Pixar have gone on record to say that “they’ve done superheroes” and have not got any Marvel character projects in the works. So things look grim on the superhero front. But this doesn’t stop the want for a Marvel/Pixar combo at all, if anything it makes me want it even more, because I am fundamentally a child, and I want what I can’t have. (I also tend to want something if it’s mine anyways, I haven’t played with it for a while and then you, of all people, show interest in it, then I want it again, that’s just how I roll)

So after much thought I created a set of guidelines to think of even remotely possible projects. This way all my picks don’t sound like complete random fanboy-ism and it has structure, it also makes me feel a bit better about myself, but that’s not the point.


The rules are pretty simple and state:

  • A movie cannot be made if the character’s licence belongs to a production company that is not Disney. (So Spidey, X-Men and The Fantastic Four are out the hypothetical window)
  • As Pixar are, at heart, a family friendly studio, movies with content that would require anything more than a 12A (PG13) won’t happen. (So no Punisher or Moon Knight then)

Them the rules, nothing too restrictive and easy to work around. Let’s get to the picks.

Doctor Strange

As of yet, Pixar has yet to focus the main theme of its movies on magic and what better introduction to a mainstream audience could the very own Sorcerer Supreme receive. Starting with his origin and the car crash, that would probably be changed for a Disney audience, but then to have Strange search for his mentor, the Ancient One, in the Himalayas, his training and eventual understanding of the mystic arts. Build it up to the final battle with the Lord of the Dark Dimension Dormammu and you have a movie, one that stands up to the live action universe and offers something not yet seen. Every step stands to have an excellent story telling and visual premise that’s on a huge scale.  As story goes, Doctor Strange is very Pixar, a story about a once selfish man, not caring for anyone but himself, having everything taken away from him, being re-built as a decent person and then into a hero.

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Alternative Cuts – Menomena – “Evil Bee”

19 Jul

This is a video that I love so very much and one that really speaks for itself.

Menomena are one of a billion indie bands out of Portland, Oregon, and whilst I never got on with all their music, this is just a perfect mix of sound and vision. Over the past 3 or so years I’ve found myself coming back to it time and time and time again. I’ve searched high and low for a true HD version of it but to no avail, so sadly this is the best we have for now.

If you know me then I’ve either spammed this video to you on blogs or IM or email or one social networking site or another, or I’ve made you put it on at that perfect time of the night.

Menomena – Evil Bee. It’s a keeper.

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Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’

13 Jul

There have been a lot of announcements lately about Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit and I feel it’s not getting enough attention!

This could be because The Hobbit has been too long in the making. It’s been a good few years, with Peter Jackson dropping out, Del Toro taking the reins and then relinquishing them again. Yet the films are now in full flow and over the past few weeks, exciting images have been released!

The cast was actually announced a few months back, and was exciting at the time, but again, I feel lacked the excitement it deserved. As ever with Jackson, the actors involved are a lot more exciting if you’re British, with some wonderful cult actors like Aidan Turner of Being Human fame featuring heavily. Fancy seeing Aidan as a dwarf? Well now you can.

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